Full of History

Original Store


Take the time to explore and take in just what remains from the original General Store, Post Office and Pub. There can be few more authentic, surviving objects than what lie on this property.

Aside from the original shop fittings there is a very old slate floored cellar that lies untouched and the old kitchen still has the stove that was built in the Castlemaine foundry.

At every turn there is something to notice. Climb up above the wood shed and explore the old dance hall and look out at the glorious views of Yapeen in all her beauty.

Take note of the untouched  raw cedar, the paper and canvas walls and all the other things that on one visit you must surely miss absorbing.

This iconic property has all the bones in place for something even more special. Take guardianship and love this as those who have lived here have loved it.

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