Untouched Slice of History

36 Yapeen Road Yapeen

Yapeen General Store

Translated from native tongue Yapeen means ‘Green Gully’. From the moment you cross the old railway line into Yapeen Road and sweep around past the manicured verges you know how apt this description is. This is not only one of the prettiest pockets of this region, but one of the most photographed. This is paradise for photographers and it is the stuff that features on chocolate boxes and post cards.

But then there is more! This property is one of the few in the district that remains in its original state. When you go through the door of the ‘old residence’, into the original General Store and Post Office it beggars belief that the original pigeon holes and shelves remain intact. The old post office counter is there, along with the old bell, waiting to be rung.

It feels like this is a place that has stories to tell. The walls have eyes that see and ears that hear your footfall and  it really is as if everything is beckoning you to learn about the golden hey days when this was a vibrant hub.

Just as some characters demand that a writer tells their story this place, like an eccentric character, demands to be heard. It talks of how the place provided everyday needs and it will bend your ear with stories of the dances that were held in the dance hall that lies alongside the house and even scare you with some of the regions oral history.

If you stop to listen you will learn about the lads who lived in the ‘wood shed’ and you will hear all about the miners who came to drink here. This house, like a siren, will draw you into its fold and fill your head with tales of gold and what the search for gold did for the people who came here. It will tell you of how it has been loved and protected and of what it still has to offer to those who have the fire and imagination to make it young again.


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